Edythe was a proud person. She was selfless her whole life. As a child I lost my mother at an early age. My grandmother gave up her whole existence and took care of my two sisters and I. She was the glue that held our family together. As a result of our family situation Edythe was never able to spend her golden years in the way she would have liked. She was never able to enjoy her retirement, never traveled and spent every waking moment of her existence ensuring that my sisters and I would have what she could not. She always pushed us to excel at school and whatever extracurricular activities we were doing. Her motto was either you give something all, or give it nothing. When I was home from school after my last semester before graduating college, I started to realize that something wasn't right. I'll never forget the day. We were at a picnic and someone asked her age and she responded with, "ten, ten-thousand." From that day on things began to worsen. Her forgetfulness got worse. She once put on a winter coat in July and proceeded to pick up my sister, who since graduated high school up from school. Luckily no one was hurt and the police were able to get her back home.Over the next five years my aunt along with my sisters and I dealt with someone, who was a leader of the family becoming a major hurdle in all of our lives. It was a spiral of sadness, which leads to a slow agonizing death. The emotional toll was agonizing. In fact it was such that it has split our family apart. Even to this day our family has been fractured as a result of her death.The saddest part about the situation is that as infants they take care of us and encourage growth. As adults they are there to keep inspiring us to move forward in life. However, as elderly, the roles reverse themselves and we all need to take care of them. Their lives should be filled with happiness.