Coined the "Translational Valley of Death", many studies have proven this phenomenon to be true wherein government research dollars are scarce and getting scarcer while the private marketplace hasn’t been able to provide sufficient capital to meet industry needs.

But this is crazy!  While it makes sense early stage discovery research is more affordable per project and later stage trials are lower risk, the problem is that this creates a critical bottleneck in the drug development process, and delays or even prevents promising research from being studied in humans.


Clinical trial research is at the core of GTC’s mission. We seek to support and accelerate the clinical trial stage of development, where treatments can go into patients today. By sponsoring promising trials that are ready and approved to treat humans, but are otherwise waiting for funding, we believe we can accelerate cures for today’s most pressing medical problems.  How are we going to do that?

The answer is you! Guided by an independent scientific advisory board, you have the power to participate directly in the drug development process and contribute directly to clinical trials. Together, we can address the funding gap in clinical trials and accelerate cures.

More importantly, because this stage is so promising but so lacking in research dollars, your donation has a more meaningful impact in finding cures because it is working so much more productively.


Your contributions make more of an impact in areas that currently lack funding.  It makes sense.  

In addition to targeting a specific stage of medical research to spark and accelerate drug development, Give to Cure takes a similar approach to diseases to fund.  Give to Cure examines the diseases that have the most devastating impact on society while having a disproportionately low amount of current funding.  

This is why Give to Cure's first campaign is Alzheimer's.  It is difficult to choose among so many important and devastating lives that affect the world but we can objectively say that Alzheimer's is in dire need of medical research funding and we can confidently say that your contributions will make a huge impact on the future of Alzheimer's.


Healthcare and disease treatment are huge issues that no individual can tackle alone.  But by working as a collective and specifically targeting some of the biggest obstacles, we can intelligently and strategically improve the future of healthcare and disease treatment.