Our Team

We are a team of researchers, doctors, and professionals bringing front-line treatments to those who need them, through the power of the crowd.


Lou Reese image
Lou Reese
An entrepreneur and investor, specializing in identifying growth opportunities and structuring de...

Rafi Gidron image
Rafi Gidron
Founder and Chairman, Israel Brain Technologies, Rafi Gidron is an entrepreneur who founded and m...

Adam Grossman image
Adam Grossman
Adam D. Grossman is an accomplished entrepreneur with significant operating experience as the CEO...

Mei Mei Hu image
Mei Mei Hu
Co-founder of Jack Green Group, a family investment and advisory company and co-CEO of United Bio...

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kostas Lyketsos image
Dr. Kostas Lyketsos
SAB, Chairman
Dr. Lyketsos has been the founding director of Johns Hopkins Neuropsychiatry for over a decade. ...

Dr. Gal Bitan image
Dr. Gal Bitan
Scientific Advisory Board
Gal Bitan completed his graduate studies in organic chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusal...

Dr. Peter Davies image
Dr. Peter Davies
Scientific Advisory Board
Peter Davies was born in Wales. He received a B.Sc. and a Ph.D., both in Biochemistry from the Un...

Dr. Jim Galvin image
Dr. Jim Galvin
Scientific Advisory Board
James E. Galvin, M.D., M.P.H. is Associate Dean for Clinical Research and Professor in the Colleg...

Dr. John Hardy image
Dr. John Hardy
Scientific Advisory Board
John Hardy received his degree in Biochemistry from Leeds in 1976 and his PhD from Imperial Colle...

Dr. Frank La Ferla image
Dr. Frank La Ferla
Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Frank LaFerla is a Chancellor’s Professor and Dean of the School of Biological Sciences at th...

Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Zeltner image
Dr. Thomas Zeltner
AB, Chairman
Thomas Zeltner, MD, is an international expert leader in public health and health system developm...

Dr. Sam Bakri image
Dr. Sam Bakri
Advisory Board
Dr. Bakri founded Eastern Health Partners in 2011. He was formerly the CEO and Co- founder of Kin...

Fernanda Romano image
Fernanda Romano
Advisory Board
Fernanda Romano started her life in advertising at Carillo Pastore Euro RSCG in São Paulo and wor...

Charles Hoare image
Charles Hoare
Advisory Board
Currently Head of Global Healthcare at Commerzbank, Charles is a healthcare focused investment ba...

Greg Simon image
Greg Simon
Advisory Board
Greg Simon is the CEO of Poliwogg and a board member of FasterCures, a Milken Institute center. P...

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi image
Dr. Rudolph Tanzi
Advisory Board
Dr. Rudolph Tanzi is the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Universi...

Steven Thompson image
Steven Thompson
Advisory Board
Steven Thompson is the Senior Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer at Brigham & Wom...

Sasha Stollman image
Sasha Stollman
Advisory Board
A native New Yorker at heart, Sasha was born in Bangkok, lived and went to school in Iran, France...


Jen Solomon image
Jen Solomon
Communications Director
Jen Solomon is a member of Give To Cure’s communications team. She spent several years working f...

Colin Hagan image
Colin Hagan
Software Developer
Colin Hagan is a Ruby/Rails developer at FanMaker in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spends his free t...

Houtan Afkhami image
Houtan Afkhami
Team Member
Houtan Afkhami is a member of the Give To Cure team. He is a strategic advisor to several niche c...