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The Valentine’s Season is famous for gift giving with flowers, chocolates and other tokens of affection meant to remind friends, family members and significant others that they are loved. This year, for more than 5.6 million Americans suffering with Alzheimer’s, those store bought gifts - no matter how much they cost - just won't be enough to remind them of the lives they’ve led and the people they’ve touched.

That’s why Give To Cure is encouraging families to participate in the #RememberWhen campaign this Valentines Day. By sharing video and photo tributes recounting those special moments, participants can spark the memories of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and help them to truly feel how how much they are loved. Using a memory aid, such as an old home movie or a picture album can give your loved one a meaningful moment of clarity that is both free and priceless.

“For years I would give my family flowers for special holidays, especially Valentine’s Day,” said Adam Grossman, Give To Cure co-founder. “Now that I’m a caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimer’s, I look instead for memory aids such as videos, pictures and even special mementos to help spark her memory and bring her comfort. Showing her videos and pictures reminds her of the love our family shares and helps to bring a smile to her face. These memories are ten times more meaningful than any material gifts I could give.”

#RememberWhen Captures Memories For Years to Come

Throughout the year, conversations with loved ones often start with “Remember when…?” Give To Cure’s #RememberWhen campaign asks family, friends and caregivers to document and post these special memories about the patient to social media with the hashtag #RememberWhen. Participation is easy. For those connected with Alzheimer’s, the campaign encourages the posting and sharing of video and photo tributes recounting simple moments of happiness or special memories shared with the loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. Participants also can record #RememberWhen conversations with their loved ones now, as they try to spark memories over time.

“Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for capturing special family times together or looking through old pictures that may be special to an Alzheimer’s patient,” Grossman continued. “The goal of the #RememberWhen campaign is to show that our memories and our histories make us special and give us purpose – which is why it is so vital that we find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Together, we can make sure that today’s moments and tomorrows memories are protected from this devastating disease.”

#RememberWhen also encourages individuals to invite three of their family members, friends or caregivers to post and share a memory tribute, because one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. With nearly 44 million worldwide suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is highly likely that at least one in three people invited knows someone suffering from the disease. Even if Alzheimer’s does not directly affect a participant, they are encouraged to document their own special memories, as a means of solidarity and the understanding that no person is beyond the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

As Give To Cure focuses on “cure-funding,” participants also can honor a loved one on Valentine’s Day by donating $15 to help in finding cures faster for Alzheimer’s. One hundred percent of each donation goes towards the goal of finding Alzheimer’s cures. Small donations can go a long way. If every one of the 5.6 million current Alzheimer’s patients in the United States had $15 donated in their honor, Give To Cure can statistically fund enough trials to find a cure. Without a cure, the number of Alzheimer’s patients is expected to triple by 2050.

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