GTC Joins Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity 2015


We are proud to announce that Give To Cure has been chosen as anofficial partner for the 20thAnniversary of Champions for Charity® shopping benefit takingplace from Thursday, December 3 throughSunday, December 6.

This annualholiday shopping benefit, which includes over 70 Americana Manhasset and selectWheatley Plaza stores from Ralph Lauren to Gucci to Tiffany, will designate25% of your full-price pre-tax purchasesto Give To Cure, automatically, upon checkout. All participants will alsohave access to complimentarygift-wrapping, and concierge services abound.

Please helpus and sign up - it costs nothing to do so and if you are planning to make aholiday purchase at one of the many stores, it’d be great if you did with the Championscard! If you are not in the NY area, you can shop over the phone or through apersonal shopper. See below for the full list!

Here’s how it works:

1.     Sign-up for your Champion Card at www.championsforcharity.org -and choose Give To Cure as your organization of choice! This card is not a debit, credit or payment card of any type – itserves as the link to your charity.  Thecard will be sent to your mailing address.

2.     Bring your Champion Card with you when you visitthe Americana Manhasset and the Wheatley Plaza stores between Thursday,December 3rd and Sunday, December 6th.

3.     Check off your holiday shopping list, and makesure you swipe your champion card with every purchase! Your Champion Card will electronically calculateyour donation and automatically credit twenty five percent of your purchase to GiveTo Cure


Ifyou can’t attend in person, you can still participate! OurChampions for Charity host, Gucci, will make pre-shopping and personal shoppingavailable to all who want to shop on our behalf! Just contact BobbieKrieger (Bobbie.krieger@us.gucci.com- 646-209-4420)or Christopher Crosby (Christopher.Crosby@us.gucci.com - 516-234-4382)and they will work with you to select and purchase merchandise qualified tosupport Give To Cure.  They can also direct you to personal andpre-shopping at additional participating stores.

Thank you so much for yoursupport, and happy shopping!