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Joe Fraley’s Ode to Alzheimer’s


“I recently stopped bringing my guitar to my Mom’s home because she no longer recognizes me and doesn’t respond to it anymore.”

says Fraley:

I uploaded the video to YouTube a few months ago and had it set to private for my family. For the past week and a half my mom hasn’t recognized me or my Dad. She wasn’t responding to my music and wanted me to stop playing. I was having a rough day and re watched the video and for some reason I wanted people to see it. I shared it with my friends and they were so touched by it that i uploaded it to Reddit as well. I missed my Mom’s smile so much when I played that I wanted other people to see it.

I have a few videos of me playing to my Mom but that was the last one I recorded. The other videos I have are a lot more heartbreaking to me because they were taken months before and you can clearly see how much she had changed over such a short amount of time. After I posted it I felt embarrassed because it was so personal, but the responses I have incredible. So many people wrote me and told me how touched they were and shared their stories of what they went through with a loved one.

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