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30 Years and Counting...


30 Years and Counting…

In 1983 Ronald Reagan declared November Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, launching the first national campaign against the disease, which at the time effected fewer than 2 million Americans. Since then we’ve dedicated our energy and resources to all sorts of things…

·      In 1985 the first dot com was registered

·      In 1989 Fresh Express in California rolled out “lettuce in a bag”

·      In 1992 mobile phone text messages became available

·      In 1994 we started producing genetically modified tomatoes

·      Disposable contacts arrived in the USA in 1995

·      In 2001 the Segway was created

·      In 2008 the Tesla Roadster (the first battery powered sports car) was invented

·      A German biochemist invented “Qmilch,” a textile made from milk protein, in 2011.

·      And finally, today – in 2013 - 30 years later, the number of people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has nearly tripled.  Currently there are 5.6 million people suffering with Alzheimer’s in the US.

Does something seem wrong to you?

It should. Since the time President Reagan declared the first national campaign against AD, the situation has become more dire than ever.  Not only did President Regan himself die suffering from Alzheimer’s, but if we continue down this path the number of people with the disease will triple again in the next 30 years.  Experts currently project that 16 million people in the US will be diagnosed with AD by 2050.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we can still change that.

Give to Cure is taking on Alzheimer’s – and we are doing it in a big way.

We can’t wait another 30 years to move the ball on this.  We have spent too long waiting for government funds and the healthcare industry to cure AD.  We have seen too many people we love be stripped of their memories, their minds and all that makes them who they are. 

We believe we can actually beat Alzheimer’s, and we can do it quickly.

The science is there.

The research is there.

The patients are there.

All we need are the funds. GTC is raising those funds right now, and we are appealing to the American public for help.  When President Raegan started his campaign he looked to his colleagues in government to make a difference. Today, we are looking to you.

Every dollar you give will go directly to one of five clinical trials that have been deemed promising according to our independent scientific advisory board, composed of industry experts, scientist and doctors. These trials will get treatment to patients within the next few months, and from there a cure may very well be within reach.