GTC in Huffington Post
For Mother's Day, GTC Co-founder Adam Grossman, wrote a tribute to his mom and her ongoing battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

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It's Never too Late: The Benefits of High Inten...
How high intensity exercise can help patients diagnosed with dementia.

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Fitness helps the brain function as we age
Research has shown a significant relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) and brain health. Specifically, individuals who a

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Why do people die from Alzheimer's Disease?
If Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes memory loss, how do people die from it?

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Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease
Why a person develops AD is not completely known; however, certain factors increase your risk of developing this disease. These include...

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Outlook: Alzheimer's Treatment by 2025
Professor John Hardy, member of Give to Cure's Scientific Advisory Board, tells The Telegraph it is likely that drugs

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Official Launch of Alzheimer's Campaign
GTC has officially launched its Alzheimer's Campaign. Read full story.

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While he still knows who I am
A song by Kenny Chesney

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Joe Fraley’s Ode to Alzheimer’s
“I recently stopped bringing my guitar to my Mom’s home because she no longer recognizes me and doesn’t respond to it anymore.” says Fraley.

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Jack Labovitz
Read Jack's story, a tribute to a hero and Alzheimer's sufferer.

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Thousands walk to back the fight against Alzhei...
A beautiful and inspiring sight!

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The Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
A doctor chronicled the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in one of his patients by collecting her signatures from medical forms over se...

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My Dad With his Dog
Watch the heartbreaking YouTube video that went viral

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